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No matter who you are, we believe God loves you and has a purpose for your life.
​Come and be a part of something bigger than yourself!

You belong here!

Whether you’re hungry or hurt, lonely or lost, full of questions or looking for a home, there’s a place for you at the Harmony Vineyard Church.

The reason you’ll fit right in is because we really value diversity. Our Christian church is made up of people who are short, tall, big, little, black, white, wealthy, struggling, young, old, married, single…in fact, we look exactly like the community we live in.

We also believe in and value authenticity. We encourage people to be real here, to be exactly who they are, warts and all. After all, none of us are perfect, so what’s the point of pretending we are?

Though we are all different, what unifies us is our desire to know God and to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

We are a non-denominational, casual church family serving Richmond, Ashland, Mechanicsville, and South Hanover, helping people discover their story within God’s Great Story.