In the Vineyard, the primary way of doing missions abroad is to focus on planting churches. While there is nothing wrong with a short-term missions project, planting a new church has the greatest potential for ongoing evangelism and community benefit.

Church planting of this sort is usually done in partnerships – various churches coming together to do something none of them could accomplish individually. Because of our existing relationship with Joseph Dayamba and his ministry in Burkina Faso, it was a natural fit for a partnership. Currently there are no Vineyards in Burkina.

After bringing this new partnership to the attention of other Vineyard churches in our area, the Charlottesville Vineyard, pastored by Jim and Megan Bleakley, decided to join in with us. Jim will be accompanying me on this trip. The Vineyard Missions group responsible for West Africa is paying for our air fare and our lodging, so our only expense will be meals.

Our purpose is primarily to build relationship with Joseph and check into what’s been done and what needs to be done to make this new church a reality. While there we will be meeting with the staff of his school, checking out the land he has been given (the likely spot for the new church), and doing door-to-door evangelism in the Muslim community, among other things. He has even given me the honor of preaching a service for them on Sunday the 19th.

Please be in prayer for Jim and me. Primary prayer needs are for smooth, delay-free travel to Ouagadougou and back, no jet lag, protection from sickness and disease, and most of all a powerful move of God!

And please pray my bed at the hotel doesn’t have a footboard!