What To Expect

Visiting a new church can be challenging if you don’t know what to expect. We’ve tried to anticipate the questions someone new would typically ask, and hope that what you find below helps make your initial visit to Harmony Vineyard Church rewarding and challenge-free.


Before you arrive

Our services are casual and friendly, so feel free to wear whatever is comfortable. Our goal is to make “church” feel more like a family gathering than a formal, traditional church service.

When you get there

There is plenty of parking, but we have reserved several parking spaces near our entrance for first-time visitors. Just look for the signs.

Come on in

As you enter, our greeters will say hello, hand you a program, and make sure you know where to get coffee, where the rest rooms are located, where you can check-in your children, and where the service is held.

Make yourself comfortable

Grab some coffee and a snack (it’s free!), have a look around, and make your way into our sanctuary space. (BTW, you are welcome to bring the food with you.)

What about the children?

We have a staffed nursery for newborns through age 2, a class for 3-5 year-olds, and a class for 6-12 year-olds. After you’ve checked them in, your kids sit with you through the first part of the service. Following worship, they are dismissed and our trained and background-checked teachers escort them to their class areas. You can pick them up across the hall when the service is over.

Time to worship!

Our gathering time is designed to provide three things: a time of worshiping God, a time of hearing from God, and a time of experiencing God (usually, but not always, in that order). The music is contemporary, and the preaching is biblically-based and relevant for today. We end the service with an additional time of worship and ministry, where anyone can receive prayer from one of our prayer team members. Communion is also available every Sunday.

Love to read?

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