This morning we went to the school to see a sort of field day. There was a bicycle race and a soccer game, but the activity had to be limited because of the heat. Evidently once you’ve had malaria the virus remains with you for life, Exposure to a lot of heat can trigger a new onset of the virus, so the teachers try to be careful and limit the children’s activity on really hot days.

As an aside, we met Joseph’s wife Aimee today. She came home from the hospital last night and looked remarkably good for someone who had been so sick. She is a very sweet and gentle person who I look forward to getting to know better.

It is really awe-inspiring to see the respect “Tonton (Uncle) Joe” has with the children. As soon as he starts to speak they get quiet and listen. They came out of the school in class groups and he lined them up around the soccer “field” (basically a big dirt lot with cones marking the boundaries). In no time he had them all lined up perfectly, surrounding the field. Then he went over to get the bike racers lined up.

While he was over attending to that, something we had never seen before happened. A bunch of the smaller kids broke ranks, went over to this mound of dirt, opened their trousers or hiked up their skirts, and began to pee. At first I was a bit shocked, but then thought back to the bathroom breaks I have seen Miss Natasha oversee for the Angeldeer pre-school. This looked much simpler, though I feel as if the landlord (and the parents) might take issue with it.

After lunch Jim said he wasn’t feeling very well, so we took him back to the hotel to rest. Joseph and I went back to the school where six of us, including his mother, walked the area in teams of two to promote and evangelistic event occurring tomorrow and to pray for people. Watching Joseph at work is amazing. His rapport with people is so genuine, and they are always happy to see him. He even took me across the street to meet some of the Muslim leaders at the temple. Keep in mind, this particular sect of Muslims is somewhat on par with Boko Haram, the group in Nigeria doing a lot of kidnapping and murder. And yet these men were all very gracious and smiling. And thankfully none of them were carrying machetes.

While out walking around, Joseph preached to the gospel to a group of about a dozen people, and eight of them accepted Jesus as their Savior. I got to pray for a barren women who wanted triplets. When God answers this prayer I may have a namesake running around Ouagadougou, as she said she would name three boys Joseph, Jeff and Jim.

Please pray for healing for Jim; he still is not feeling very well.