Today we took a trip out to visit the tribal chief who has sold Joseph some land, and to walk the land and meet the pastor who lives there. I was once again amazed at the vast number of people who live and/or have shops along the roadways. And I use the the term “shop” very literally, as these are not at all like the shops we normally frequent.

The chief was a delightful man with a great sense of humor. He didn’t understand anything we said, nor did we (Jim and I) understand anything he said. So Joseph did all the talking, this time in a language called Môré.

We listened and looked around at the chickens, goats, and other assorted animals that would wander by while we sat there. Joseph always brings the chief some gifts, so this time it was several loafs of bread, a new cell phone, and a Casio watch Jim donated to the cause.

When it was time to leave Joseph asked him if we could take his picture. He said yes, and that he especially wanted his picture taken with me! So we took several pictures, including maybe the first selfie on record featuring a Burkinabé tribal chief.

From there we drove on a series of paths that one would be generous in calling roads. Swerving around potholes and driving around trees, we eventually arrived at Pastor’s John’s house, which sits at what will eventually be the front gate of the church/school complex.

After visiting for a while we walked the property’s boundary, which have been marked by planted eucalyptus trees. Large concrete boundary posts mark the corners. Pastor John has something of a green thumb and has had success growing beans, corn, mullet, and watermelon. He also has chickens, guinea hens, sheep, and some goats. He speaks a dialect called Gourma, so once again Jim and I were only able to talk to him through Joseph.

That morning when Joseph picked us up he told us that his wife, Aimee, had come down with malaria. Evidently once you get it from mosquitoes it stays in your system and can reoccur during periods of stress, overwork and fatigue. Aimee is pregnant, and so after a night of vomiting she was taken to the hospital by Joseph’s mother. He dropped us off at our hotel, which is where we stayed the remainder of the day while he went to the hospital to be with her.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring … other than searing heat, of course!