At the Harmony Vineyard Church

Jesus has called us to continue his supernatural ministry. He promises the same and greater works to those who will pick up this charge. The School of Kingdom Ministry (SoKM) at the Harmony Vineyard Church is a journey of learning to see who we are in Jesus and live through him to the world around us. As we connect with our righteousness in Him, His kingdom naturally becomes our everyday experience.

What is offered:

  • Weekly Video Teaching – Students take part in 27 weeks of classroom sessions at Harmony Vineyard. These teachings include topics like: identity, relationships, supernatural ministry, and shaping your Christian worldview.
  • Facilitators – Jon Potter, our Associate Pastor, is a trained SoKM facilitator. He will be your local support and guide throughout your time in the school. The local facilitator also creates hands on practice activities and learning opportunities at their site.
  • Events – The School of Kingdom Ministry invites its host sites to participate in conferences and training events throughout the year.
  • Resources – The School of Kingdom Ministry provides resources for students to use outside of the classroom. Students have online access to class teachings, articles, and other video resources through the student portal.

If you are interested in getting more information about the School of Kingdom Ministry, please feel free to contact Jon Potter at (804) 366-2720 or by email via